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Equipo directivo

Equipo directivo

Interoute is governed by a Board of Directors led by Gabriel Prêtre from the Sandoz Family Foundation. The Board comprises:

  • Gabriel Prêtre, Chairman
  • Robert McNeal, Vice Chairman
  • Brian Cassidy, Crestview Partners
  • Hugues Lepic, Aleph Capital Partners
  • Gareth Williams, CEO

All enquiries for the Interoute Board should initially be directed to the executive office of the CEO, Interoute.

Consejero Delegado
Vicepresidente del Consejo
Director de Tecnología (CTO)
Directora Financiera
Director Jurídico del Grupo
Vicepresidente Ejecutivo de Desarrollo Corporativo
Vicepresidente Ejecutivo de Ventas y Marketing
EVP, Comunicaciones y Conectividad
EVP, Customer Operations
EVP, Platform Engineering & Operations